Sunday 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Church Services
Monday 8:00 PM Band Practice
Tuesday 8:00 PM Worship Practice and Prayer Meeting
Wednesday 8:00 PM Choir Practice
Thursday 8:00 PM Mid-Week Service
Friday 8:00 PM Youth Night Service
Saturday 8:00 PM Activities



Morning and night we will pray and worship God during the hour of prayer at 9:00am followed by a 2 hour service of worship with the Philadelphia Praise Team, Atlanta Brass Band, Church Choir, and the morning sermon. In the afternoon we start with praise and worship, followed by songs performed by the Atlanta Brass Band, Choir, and others, finished by the sermon of the night.

Come for the night of prayer in the fellowship hall at the church location.

You can come for mid-week church services starting at 8:00pm that will have Praise and Worship, Atlanta Brass Band and other songs, followed by a sermon.

We encourage every teenager and anyone that has a heart for the youth to come to the YouthNite at 8:00pm. You will praise God through worship songs, youth testimonies, small sermons performed by youth, dramas and other cool things all for the Glory of our God.